Thursday, December 16, 2010

neglection as a result of touring infection

As a tide-me-over, here is a recommendation:

consider this my Christmas gift to you.

GDP is a young man from New Brunswick, NJ who has captured the essence of the golden era and created something, in my opinion, all his own. I first got exposed to him through playing his basement (where some of our wildest shows have occurred. All rules a burnt to a crisp, just the way we like it.). Dude is extremely nice and an all around great guy. He was nice enough to pass on his last full-length "Realistic Expectations", which I popped in the van on an overnight drive a few days later. Cue: jaw dropped.
Seriously, I fell in love immediately and spun it about five times in a row. I won't keep gushing, I'll just tell you to check out his tour diaries and order you to buy his stuff and support him on his neverending touring cycles. When they say "Keep hip-hop alive...", they're talking about this dude.
I fucking pray that this is the future of the genre.