Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12.21.11...We Just Dancin'

Ok, here it're either shaking your head in shame, or you're yelling "ooohhh shhhiiit!!".
There's no middle ground on this one. If your opinion is of the former, I feel sorry for you, because this movie is hip-hop in it's most innocent form.
Kid & Play, have to love them. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, I think it's almost a given as to how much FUN these movies were to our generation. The entire cast does a perfect job.

Bilal - Martin motherfuckin Lawrence....
I laughed every time he was one screen. Straight up laughed myass off. EVERY line this dude had in HP 1 &2 was golden. His rant about "The DJ" while he's in the record store, trying to get Play to hok him up with a deal on some 12"s is classic....and it's a perfect freakout that probably made 99% of the DJs out at the time give him a standing ovation.
Favorite line:
Ain't gon' be too many more of those "Shut the Fuck Up"s, cause I'ma kick both ya asses"
If you didn't put all your money in that damn pussymobile, we wouldn't be in this shit!

Stab, Pee-Wee and Zilla - Full Force
The freestyle these do in the record store after their grandma hits them with a purse and orders them to.....CLASSIC. "Butta on what?", "Say what?" "A popcorn!"
They were simply the quintessential thugs in a comedy. The brothers were always out hunting down Kid & Play, as if that was their lives' purpose. When they were able to confront them, on numerouse occassions, the following quotes were at the top of my list:
Do you smell somethin'? Oh definitely, I smell somethin'? What's that smell? I SMELL PUSSY!!!
Pee-Wee dives into a church, thinking they're about to catch K&P throwing the party. He leaps forward and falls down. Getting back up and beginning to head back outside he shouts to his brothers, "Guys, I think I busted my ass." You just have to hear how he says it. Hysterical. I watched this at a friends house back in my freshman year of high school. His parents decided they wanted to monitor our movie selections and watched this with us, completely horrified the whole time. When this part came on, I laughed sooo hard, and they looked at me like I had just stabbed someone.

and, of course, Jamal - Kamron of Young Black Teenagers
The obligatory white kid to make fun of in a hip-hop comedy, but it was done so well.
"You want some been pie?"
I mean, hey, he did the role and he nailed it. And they knew he had skills, otherwise they wouldn't have let him hold the mic at the jammy jam.
Let's face it.....he was the ultimate white boy at the time. But you can't give him too much shit....don't forget, YBT made "Tap the Bottle" and you can't fuck with that song.

Other memorables:
Mr. Lee - Are you saying I look good with a damn plastic on my head?
Kid's response to Professor Sinclair's question of what Malcolm X stood for
Play's excuse for spending Kid's tuition money, with Kid doing an extremely frustrated nod while Play stutters his way through
Dean Kramer's near breakdown during his "Time waits for no man" speech to Kid

It was an era of hip-hop that was pure. These movies had heart. They had a way of addressing social issues at the time and it was done with an undertone of intelligence disguised as slapstick comedy. The era of bright colors, African heritage pride and party rap, all rolled into one.
Kid & Play blew up after the original House Party, making this sequel and then the underrated movie, "Class Act" (Doug E. Doug's breakout before Cool Runnings)
It holds a special place in my heart and always will. My freshman year of high school, I got really sick. The first few weeks was an actual physical illness, being food poisoning simultaneous with a flu, and it fucked me up bad. If you haven't already realized, I'm of the chemically imbalanced persuasion, and after the physical health issues cleared up, the mental health problems took over. I slipped into a depression that left me in a pretty bad place, becoming slightly agoraphobic and not leaving the house for two months. I missed a lot of school.
I spent all day and night on a couch or in my bed. In five weeks, I lost 60 pounds and kind of withered away to nothing. But I had hip-hop. I watched this movie every day while I was home. Every fucking day...and it was my best friend.
I had this movie and a stereo in my room, where I hid from the world and listened to De La Soul, Main Source, Back Sheep and KMD. Maybe this is why the golden era means so much to me....I had a hundred artists making their landmark records and giving me something to latch onto.

As far as hip-hop comedy movies go, there will never be a movie like this again. They can try, but it'll be like when they had Woodstock 25 years later. It'll never be the same. It was a time and place that can't be touched. If you were there, you were there. If not, thank your lucky stars for DVDs. You can find this movie for pennies as part of a 4-pack collection of all of the House Party movies. Buy it, and skip 3 and 4. Throw those discs out the window, because 1 and 2 will be all you never need.
To encourage you, here's an Amazon link:
The Jammy Jam

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